KLEINEWEFERS: Kleinewefers Immobilien lets 1,000 square metres on Neuer Weg to Lindschulte + GGL

Krefeld. On the qualifying date of 1 March, the Krefeld branch of the Lindschulte Group, with its more than 35 employees, moved from Girmesgath to new offices at Neuer Weg 24. The Krefeld planning agency for technical building outfitting, which has more than 350 employees at twelve locations, representing a variety of expertise in the construction planning field, had been looking for premises that would enable them to expand their future business activities. With 1,069 m2 over 5 storeys, Lindschulte + GGL was able to find something long-term through Kleinewefers. The area was comprehensively modernised in advance.

We are looking forward to many years’ working together.


About Kleinewefers GmbH:

Kleinewefers GmbH, located in Krefeld since 1862, is today a mid-sized investment firm that is actively involved in machinery construction and technical textiles businesses, as well as the property sector. The industrial investments are managed by Jagenberg AG, a holding company with its head office in Krefeld, whose shares are 100% owned by Kleinewefers GmbH. In the 23 associated operating companies, around 1,400 employees in Europe, Asia and the USA are currently engaged.

Property is acquired, developed, let and managed by Kleinewefers GmbH themselves. The company currently manages more than a dozen directly or indirectly owned commercial properties with a land area of around 500,000 m2 or rather a lettable area of about 250,000 m2. These include, among others, the Monforts Quartier in Mönchengladbach and, in Krefeld, the estate at Neuer Weg, the LOG|WERK and the K2 Tower + Industriepark.

For enquiries

Kleinewefers GmbH
Mareen Triebels
Kleinewefersstr. 1
47803 Krefeld, Germany
Tel. +49 (0) 2151 / 93 40 99-81
Email: triebels@kleinewefers.de


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