JAGENBERG-TEXTILE: Optimal synergies: Servicing of rolls of other suppliers, in this case: NIPCO calender rolls

In the "K2 Tower + Industriepark" in Krefeld, the "all-under-one-roof principle" works well:

Just recently, JAGENBERG TEXTILE reworked NIPCO rollers of another supplier for two German customers at its Krefeld Service Centre for its sister company Jagenberg Paper Systems, which is also based at Kleinewefersstraße 1.

The geographical proximity of the companies and JAGENBERG TEXTILE's flexible customer service paid off, as the removal of the rolls at the customer's plant, the overhaul in the Service Centre and reinstallation took just ten days. No wonder, therefore, that customers want to place more roll service orders!

Jagenberg Textile - flexible and customer-oriented Service!


Image: JAGENBERG TEXTILE / Servicing of calender rolls


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