JAGENBERG PAPER SYSTEMS moves Supercalender SC1 from PM10 to PM11 at Laakirchen Papier AG

Jagenberg Paper Systems received the order from Laakirchen Papier AG, to move the Supercalender SC1 made by Kleinewefers, from PM10 to PM11. Beside the relocating of the Calender, modifications and commissioning was included in the scope of supply.
In order to fulfill the static requirements for handling PM11 parent reels at the unwind unit, the stage construction was also modified and renewed. The spare roll stack was adjusted to the new structural conditions.

The 12-roll-supercalender was furthermore fitted with an edge trim system, so that the parent reels from PM11 (8.9m width) can be processed in the supercalender (7.4m width).The supercalender was moved, so that the SC paper of the PM11 can be calendered with minimum the same technological results as on the existing calender and also to increase the production capacity.
After re-assembly, commissioning and subsequent testing this goal was accomplished successfully.

Laakirchen Papier AG belongs to the world-wide operating Heinzel Group. The Heinzel Group, which is united under the Heinzel Holding umbrella, ranks with its subsidiary companies Zellstoff Pöls AG, Laakirchen Papier AG, Raubling Papier GmbH AG and AS Estonian Cell among the largest prodcuers of market pulp, containerboard and magazine paper in Central and Eastern Europe.


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