JAGENBERG AG: Jagenberg invests in digital start-up Triclap

Krefeld. Kleinewefers subsidiary Jagenberg AG has founded a company together with the start-up outfit Triclap. This venture capital finance gives the young company the opportunity to develop their business ideas into marketable products.

The five-member Triclap team is one of five digital start-ups to join the K2 Basecamp since January 2018. "Nowhere else in Krefeld are start-ups as close to the industry as we are," explains Dr. Erich Bröker, CEO of Jagenberg AG, adding "We are in regular contact with the young entrepreneurs, and create a mutually profitable symbiosis."

The globally active Jagenberg Group appreciates the great innovative potential and entrepreneurial spirit of the start-up. Besides Triclap GmbH, a wide variety of other IT specialists have so far settled into the K2 Basecamp. Bröker elaborates: "We are supporting this start-up in a variety of ways, such as mentoring, facilitating contacts and low-cost, all-inclusive office rents. In return, we gain momentum for our own digitization strategy. It’s a true win-win situation."

About Triclap GmbH:

Based in the K2 Basecamp, Krefeld, Triclap GmbH is a young development studio for digital game worlds. Their USP is the development of games that are played together at a table like board games, but using players’ own smartphones. This combines the shared experience of real board games with the digital possibilities of the internet. The innovative products of the five-person team consisting of Josua Waghubinger, Björn Witte, Daniel Kawczynski, Daniel Oppitz and Kai Kuhlmann include the online games Incogny and Yora. Find out more: triclap.com

About the K2 Basecamp Office and Start-up:

The K2 Basecamp concept offers all-inclusive, dedicated office space and workshops for freelancers, small businesses and start-ups looking for contractual flexibility, cost security, chargeable extra services, sophisticated technical support and a collegiate and industrial environment when renting their work spaces. A drop-in room is also available for meetings. To date, five new companies have settled in the K2 Basecamp Office and Start-up. Find out more:  k2-krefeld.de


Image: Kleinewefers GmbH, f.l.t.r.: Kai Kuhlmann (Triclap GmbH), Daniel Kawczynski (Triclap GmbH), Josua Waghubinger (Triclap GmbH), Dr. Christian Jostes (Kleinewefers GmbH), Dr. Erich Bröker (Jagenberg AG/Kleinewefers GmbH), Björn Witte (Triclap GmbH), Daniel Oppitz (Triclap GmbH).

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